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New BeEF Module - Clippy

posted Jun 11, 2012, 9:52 AM by Nickosaurus Hax
After @pipesec (Mark Piper) gave a talk on changes to the Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF / @beefproject) at a recent OWASP NZ meeting, my mate Denis and I had a few beers and decided the framework needed a module for Clippy. A few beers later we had a proof of concept relying heavily on the work by sprky0 - Heretic Clippy. The module will pop up a Clippy in the bottom right of your browser and ask you to update your browser to a more recent version. Yes = user downloads a binary of your choice; No = Clippy returning 5 seconds later to harass you some more.

A brief mention along with lots of other juicy updates can be found on the BeEF blog here.

Keep tuned for modules in the works, hopefully they'll make it out and about in the next few weeks. Also big props to @beefproject for their continuing awesome work!